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What are synonyms for vena cephalica accessoria? vena cephalica accessoria [TA] accessory cephalic vein: a vein arising from the dorsal rete of the hand, passing up the forearm to join the cephalic vein just above the elbow. 1. Sudhoffs Arch. 1980;64(4):385-90. [Vena basilica - vena cephalica.

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It lies in the cranial mediastinum ventral to the trachea and is in contact with the esophagus on its left side. A complete left cranial vena cava (LCVC) was found in a normal horse. The LCVC was well developed, but there was a complete absence of the right cranial vena cava. The azygous vein was normally distributed on the right side of the thoracic vertebral bodies but passed ventral to the aortic arch to empty into the cranial vena cava on the left Dictionary entry overview: What does vena cephalica mean?

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Meaning of vena cephalica accessoria. What does vena cephalica accessoria mean?

Vena cephalica horse

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Vena cephalica horse

V. basilica [upravit | editovat zdroj] Cimino-Fistel in loco typico links antebrachial. Verschluss der Shuntvene (Vena cephalica antebrachii) links kubital, neu im Vergleich zur Vorkontrolle vom 17.9.2014. Der venöse Shuntabfluss erfolgt am linken Oberarm via Vena basilica brachii und Venae brachiales, aufgefüllt via V.cubitalis mediana.

Vena cephalica horse

Z. Anat. cephalica 203, 222, 223.
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6. sides of the digits in domestic mammals other than the horse. b.

pronouncekiwi - How To 1. vena cephalica - a large vein of the arm that empties into the axillary vein.
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In human anatomy, the cephalic vein is a superficial vein in the arm.. It communicates with the basilic vein via the median cubital vein at the elbow and is located in the superficial fascia along the anterolateral surface of the biceps. limb, closer to the hoof, the TDS was placed just above the horses’ knee Figure 2 (left). It is a place where some main blood vessels and nerves of the forelimb pass, particularly arteria mediana, vena mediana, vena cephalica, nervus medianus, nervus cutaneous antebrachii medialis and nervusradialis [8].

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A large oblique branch frequently connects the basilic Synonyms for vena cephalica accessoria in Free Thesaurus. Antonyms for vena cephalica accessoria. 1 synonym for vena cephalica accessoria: accessory cephalic vein.

Er moet al eerder met bloedverdunners gestopt zijn. vena-cephalica | definition: a large vein of the arm that empties into the axillary vein | synonyms: vena, venous blood vessel, vein, cephalic vein, arm| antonyms: disarm How do you say Vena cephalica? Listen to the audio pronunciation of Vena cephalica on pronouncekiwi In horses, liver abscesses are uncommon but have been associated with septic caudal vena cava thrombosis. 133 There is one report of a horse developing embolic pneumonia related to hepatic thrombosis, caudal vena cava thrombosis, and pulmonary thromboembolism.